We offer a wide range of supply chain consulting, logistics services management, freight cost reduction services. As a non-asset based lead logistics services provider, we offer effective and economical ways to identify and implement cost reduction programs that optimize your supply chain. For example, our Freight Benchmarking service will compare your freight rates in all services — including trucking, air freight and air express, ocean, and rail to those of other companies to identify freight best practices and to determine if your company’s rates are the best they can be. This unique program is a great way to cut costs in addition to serving as a valuable planning tool when negotiating with your carriers and forwarders.

If your goals include optimizing your distribution network, our Logistics Optimization techniques will work to configure the best arrangements for your organization. Or, if you want to outsource your transportation operations, our Freight Management service is designed to meet that goal. Whatever your need in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, or Freight Transportation, we probably have the resources and knowledge required to get the job done.

Our Proven Approach: We’ll find the right solutions for your company. By understanding your needs and then evaluating your current operations, we will identify areas where potential savings and other benefits exist for your organization. You’ll receive a report from us detailing projected savings a strategy for improving your supply chain, logistics, and transportation activities. Then, with your approval, our knowledgeable logistics and freight consultants will go to work to maximize the value of your supply chain — driving new profits to your company’s bottom line.

Our Experience: MFL Logistics Logisticss has been helping clients on a Local and International basis for over years.