Time is of the essence in delivering many of today’s business communications, materials and products. While overnight transportation and priority air express services may be the best ways to meet tight time constraints, they are very expensive services and are often improperly used — costing your company thousands each year in waste costs. Plus, inadequate planning can increase the need for express services unnecessarily.

Employees can be uncertain about which service to use. For example, overnight shipping using priority air express service is often used as the “default” service even when it’s not really needed, such as over relatively short distances or just before weekends. And, since the intended package recipients don’t act immediately on documents and materials that have been shipped via priority service, employees are very often buying higher cost services than are actually needed.

If you use FedEx, UPS, DHL or other express services, we can help. We’ll review your shipping usage and needs, your carriers and rates, and your total spend in each service category to determine how to reduce your costs. We’ll also benchmark your rates to find out what other companies, including your competitors, are paying for the kinds of services you use.

Upon completion of the project you’ll receive a customized air express and parcel shipment plan for your company describing service options, the best ways to use these services and your savings potential. The plan will include easy-to-use tools so your employees will be sure of which service is the best value for each and every shipment.

We can also arrange for audits of your express shipment invoices to recover payments made on shipments that did not meet guaranteed delivery deadlines and to assure that your contracted rates are fully adhered to.